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A thousand pictures, paint the story of your life.

As the famous saying goes - A picture paints a thousand words. However i'd like to add; a thousand pictures paints the story of your life.

About me

Ben Blakeman

Hello! My name is Ben Blakeman (on the right there). I am a research scientist with a PhD in Biochemistry and a passion for photography. I have been a hobbyist photographer for 6 years now, building up a fair chunk of knowledge and skill. With narrowed eyes and my camera in hand, I now set off on a journey to channel my passion (and self-proclaimed knowledge and skill) into the realm of professional photography.

I want to capture memories for you; in particular, family moments. Family is incredibly important to most of us and life goes by so quickly; we do our best to document this journey through pictures, however often fail to capture the true experience. A thoughtful perspective or composition can convey so much more from that moment and help tell a deeper story. With a preference to a natural style, i am un-intrusive and relaxed but i guarantee to frame your memories perfectly. 

If you follow me on Instagram you will see more than just weddings and family; I also love to share my best  and latest landscape pictures as well as whatever i have been cooking up in the kitchen!


This site serves as a showcase for my work and what i offer - pictures speak where words are not needed; if you see a picture that you like and would like something similar, then please get in touch! as simple as that.

whether it is a Wedding, a family photo shoot or special occasion; a day with our furry companions! (i mean animals) - Capture life with pictures... or allow me to do it!



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Ben Blakeman


Kent, United Kingdom



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